Our Work

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collaborative support

Direct Service actions include:

  • Connecting with requested referrals and resources

  • Providing rides to appointments, food banks, etc.

  • Short-term support for those released from immigration detention

  • Adapting, as circumstances are unique and keep changing

  • Food Distribution Program by an Immigrant focused pantry.

  • Rental Assistance and Cash Assistance regardless of immigration status.


If you are in crisis and in need of assistance, please contact Yessica Lopez at 505-226-1642. The process of assistance may appear as such:

  1. Contact our direct service coordinator and an appointment will be scheduled for the initial intake interview. The intake interview is used to discern the level of need, and to match the need with appropriate service. 

  2. After the intake, the individual or family will be matched with a Coalition team to support them through the rest of the process. This team will accompany them to appointments, help gather information and assist with the barriers to service, including language.

  3. Contact and references will be made for additional social service agencies. 


Court companionship involves monitoring ICE activity at the courthouse and accompanying people who may be vulnerable to detention to their law-related appointments. This may include visits to police stations to report crimes, ICE check-ins and court appearances.

Actions include:


  • Help navigate legal and other related appointments

  • Observe law enforcement activity unrelated to the purpose of the visit

  • Take notes, and make video recordings if detention occurs

  • Observe courthouse for ICE activity


To request a Court Companion, please fill out this form:  https://swop. ourpowerbase.net/court- accompaniment


Informing our communities of injustices faced by our immigrant sisters and brothers is vital for changing how the U.S. handles immigration issues. We participate in numerous community events for a wide range of New Mexico's population. These events include:

  • Immigration-based community film nights

  • Border immersion trips and local immigration awareness programs to get an in-depth picture of immigration in our community

  • Presentations for both faith-based and secular audiences

  • Community vigils, rallies, and marches like the Albuquerque Cesar Chavez March

  • Connecting photographers and artists whose work centers on immigration with faith communities and other venues wishing to have a gallery showing or presentation


The Rapid Response Network involves witnessing and documenting ICE behavior in real time whenever ICE is targeting people in our communities. Such documentation increases community preparedness, aids in legal challenges to abuse of rights, and raises awareness while mobilizing support.  

Actions include:

  • Receive the Rapid Respons Network training

  • Show up when summoned to an active ICE encounter

  • Document the encounter for legal purposes and community education